Sunday, 3 October 2010

tiger hearts

there once was a girl that was wilder than than the earth beneath our feet.
her hair was like piles of roses wilting in the summer sun.
her hands were snow-white plaster. slips of swan-wings, bleached whalebone fingers.
and when she spoke, one thought of warm chocolate and the sea and kissing in the grass.
she wanted to be
nothing more than a nothing.
a secret locked up in gold-colored ribcages
swallowing dust.
still she shone out like sun on water.
photography by The Girl Who Tamed The Tiger


  1. what a beautiful picture
    what beautiful words!

  2. This is beautiful beautiful beautiful. I received your letter the other day. I will send a reply as soon as I can. It was lovely <3
    How I wish my hair was like piles of roses.. that my hands were like swan-wings.. oh, what a girl. xx

  3. Oh gosh, I think I'm running out of words to describe your writing.
    It's fuel for the soul I am sure.
    You mean so much to me dear Char, please know that.
    This is beautiful.
    All my love xxxx

  4. oh this is pure beauty dear! I sent you something today, but it's economy mail so you will have to wait a while. thank you for your letter full of sweetness, it really made me feel better the day I got it!


    ps I love writing to you I really feel that I have a good friend!

  5. aw, beautiful, darling!


  6. Your words are stunning. Don't change xx

  7. Enchanting - perhaps she's hiding in all of us? xx

  8. Oh, Char. I am so, so happy to know you. Always, your words are so exquisitely woven. You have a beautiful heart; please never forget that. xxx

  9. really really nice..love it

  10. This is beautiful.
    You are simply lovely.
    I'm writing to you now:)


  11. Goodness, my breath stopped. There is something quite devastating in these words, something beautiful and lonely and brave. ♥

  12. Dearest, just reading this again has sent my heart all a-flutter. I've been meaning to thank you for your latest letter; I am always thrilled to receive mail from you! I will be writing back very soon, time has not been on my side lately. You are lion-hearted. Love, Athena. xxx

  13. I just found your blog and I'm... speechless. I love it to bits. You are... something else.


    I know this is like a comment in a million... but.. if you want you can check my blog too :)

  14. There is no such thing as an adjective quite like the one I would need to tell you how your words are, let alone how they made me feel. I'm so overwhelmed by the beauty of this, by the words and pictures you built up around my mind. I'm in a world of my own, and I only have you to thank, you beautiful soul.
    I look so forward to getting lost in the oasis that is your blog for as long as possible. Until next time, you beautiful, beautiful dove.

    Norah of "let's run away"
    @ http://thislittleblogbelongstome.blogspot.com

  15. how is it that you are able to craft such overwhelmingly stunning strains of words?! oh, if only i could write as half as beautifully as you do, char :) you really should, no, you must write a book! <3


i hold each note from you
like glitter in my palms ♥