Wednesday, 15 September 2010


i walked the sands at night/
sifting them through my teeth like spun out smoke/
a sea of shattered mirrors/each wave and the glass crumbles
milk-white rabbit moon/ purple flowers bloom over my skin

i could wait for you until the wilderness consumes me/
but the sand sinks fast/


  1. You are simply lovely my dear. <3

    xx and hugs


  2. Rabbit moons and purple blooms;
    you are such a magical storyteller.
    I hope you've received my letter, dearest!
    Thank you so, so much for yours - everything was so beautiful.
    I am so glad to know you ♥

  3. yes, i do believe we are twins from opposite ends of the world (well not quite but you get the picture :) i'm awfully sorry your absolutely precious letter has not been given a reply, fear not i promise to send it soon, it's just with moving i've been so busy. i really do apologise char! hope you have a magical day and those pictures are unique, stunning and just wonderful..you have an eye for beautiful work! x

  4. This is beautiful.
    I love your blog.


  5. you are so very, very talented. 'milk-white rabbit moon' made my heart smile ever so.
    Love <3 x

  6. the atmosphere that your writing gives away is lovely. great blog.

  7. char; thank you, thank you, thank you for your beautiful letter :) it smells absolutely delightful and was such a lovely read! i am in the process of replying, i do apologise profusely for not being able to get back to you very quickly! walking the sands at night is so calming and i always feel rather surreal when i'm at the beach! as soon as i read your blog i am always instantly overwhelmed by the copious amounts of loveliness it beholds :) take care, dearest ♥

  8. Loooove it :)))


  9. those pictures are amazing.

    this is just so wonderful.

  10. you write beautifully ♥

    thanks so much for your comment!

    have a lovely day!


  11. Thank you for your comment :]
    Your blog has such a magical feel and you have a beautiful way with words!
    I love the Jack Kerouac quote... In fact, I just love him.

  12. I miss the sand so much, i wish i could be walking through some right now. The photos you found are perfect too :)
    Thank you for your comment once again, i too think you would make a wonderful friend, we would get along perfectly i think!

  13. I'm so sorry I haven't commented recently. I haven't forgot you. I will write your letter soon, I feel terrible about the delay but with school and my surgery its been so dizzy, I hope you understand.
    You are so beautiful Char. Your writing soothes my soul. You & your blog never fail me, never never xx

  14. I love the daisy chain on the back.

  15. Very lovely. You are beautiful!


  16. actually, it's my friend in most pictures ;) but thank you, it was such a nice getaway indeed. but then, how could it not have been, it was paris. i indeed saw fever ray, one of the best shows, if not the best i've ever been to. shivers, shivers, shivers. the fact that she wouldn't speak to the audience, she never does actually, made it even more outer worldly. speaking of outer worldly, your blog is beautiful!

  17. Hello Char (I'm guessing Charlotte?), I've been visiting your blog for some time, but I finally decided that I have to start following, because your little world seems to become more and more beautiful every time I pass through. ♥

  18. My favourite line 'milk-white rabbit moon/ purple flowers bloom over my skin'

    You are amazing x


  19. Somehow everything in this post just... comes together. I'm talking about every little detail; from the eerie darkness of those photos to the shivering words, all complimented by the dark simplicity of your blog's layout. Beautiful.

  20. What a beautiful blog you have my dear :) Following! xx

  21. these are amazing :)
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
    take a peek at my giveaway while you're at it!


i hold each note from you
like glitter in my palms ♥