Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bird On a Wire

i got an award from the lovely Karolina, thank you!
here are my answers

why do you blog?

i blog, because i don't want my words to be unspoken and unheard. i don't want to go through life without anyone knowing who i am, and what dreams are etched over my heart. and i've discovered so many kindred spirits along the way...

three best memories

running across a beach on a summer night with my brothers. the silver tide rolling in, the moon spreading milk-white paths across the waves... we scooped up the sand with our hands, and it sparkled with little glowing sea-insects, like buried stars. it was breathtaking

watching the sun rise on the rooftop with one of my dearest friends, and talking of life

reading your encouraging comments and beautiful posts... some of my sweetest memories

four best fiction books

wuthering heights
the picture of dorian gray
north and south
jane eyre

five best movies ever made
into the wild
bright star
whip it
[500] days of summer

five things i can't live without

a copious supply of chai and berry danishes
my ipod, stuffed full of song
the ocean

if i could change my name, what would it be?

i love this question! i'd change it to either Emilia, or Florence Gray... i think they're such pretty names

tell us a unique and interesting fact about yourself

hmmm... not sure this is interesting, but i have this fascination for uncharted territories. the places i want to visit the most one day are bleak, vast, and empty... Iceland, Siberia, the English Moors, icy China and the Arctic... and above all, i want to go down to the deep sea and explore what lies there.

what do you love most about yourself

haha, well... i like that i don't ignore people. there's nothing worse than being invisible

if i had a freaky friday experience, who would i change places with?

i'd change places with keira knightley. i think she's so interesting and smart and classy

what is the best thing about being a woman?

possessing the ability to wear florals, and the primal instinct to consume tea.

thank you, Karolina, i loved the questions :)

i'd love if you'd answer my favorite question for me :
if you could change your name, what would it be?


  1. I loved all your answers! And you know what? I answered the name question the same as you did. Emily. The polish version is Emilia, the name of my grandmother!


  2. This was so interesting to read, Char. (: Uncharted territories, they are something that have never crossed my mind. I would change my name to Ariana Maria, I think it is so regal and princess-like.

  3. I wouldnt change my name! Tehren-Anaiis is a family name passed down [the anaiis part] and Tehren is just who i am. I have favourite names for my future children but nothing i could ever think of changing my name to =) great answers dolly!

  4. lovely blog, dear!

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  5. oh char i adore you.
    please please please do not hate me for failing to reply to your letter. i have tried several times but nothing seemed beautiful enough, and your perfection was worthy of so much more than i can offer. i am so sorry, it's incredibly hard to explain. please don't despise me for my negligence. you are quite wonderful and i read your letter every morning. please, there will be a reply, there will, there will. <3 xxxx

  6. I love your blog, it's so inspirational and.. deep :D Haha I don't really know what I would change my name to if I could, probably something pretty, like Carolina or Catherine or Lily, or something more old-fashioned... I can't think of any D: So I guess overall my answers I don't know :D Haha. Ha.
    ~ Aimee

  7. Oh I love this, your answers are pefect!
    If I could change my name.. oh gosh I have so many... maybe Georgiana, Layla or Eve, I have so many infact.
    I've been missing you recently, I'm so sorry I haven't been in contact much, I'm still here and I still adore you xx

  8. "haha, well... i like that i don't ignore people. there's nothing worse than being invisible"

    Right you are, my dear. :)

  9. oh yes! that sounds absolutely wonderful - running on the beach with your lovely brothers :) how i miss the ocean and the soft sand, i always feel as if i'm dreaming whenever i'm at the beach! goodness, i adored (500) days of summer, however, i'm yet to watch bright star - is that the one starring the lovely abbie cornish?! aww, who could survive without enlightening literature, chai, danishes, music, the ocean and fat scented letters from amazingly beautiful beings, such as yourself! i don't think i will ever get sick of florals or tea, for that matter :) keira knightley is so wonderful, i've always have a soft spot for gorgeous british people [and their accents, oh my]! nothing is worse than being invisible. . . that is too true <3

  10. completely agree with the books and films! we´ve got such similar tastes! :)

    and i´d change places with Keira too! i admire her

    have a lovely weekend, dearie!



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