Wednesday, 20 October 2010


I ran to the hills
and sang till my lungs ached

joy tosses inside me like a wild sea
i cannot repress it, i must breath it

until it soaks into their skin like a soft summer rain
inspires them like a pink-colored dream

photography by Li Hui


  1. beautiful post. i love the feeling it creates xx

  2. I ran to the hills
    and sang till my lungs ached

    I can so much relate to this line. So much singing I have been doing, however there are no hills nearby to run to <3

    Out of this world photographs
    xx Carina

  3. Oh Char, this is so beautiful. You have such a unique style of writing and blogging.
    Reading this post has the same effect as drinking sweet tea, heartwarming, medicinal. ]These photographs are so inspiring, you have the most wonderful taste in photography. xxx

  4. I love your writing, Char! It's always beautifully crafted and thought out!

  5. oh char.
    you have no idea how much i want to run to the hills and just breathe.

    you are as wonderful as ever.

  6. beautiful... your posts make me smile.

    and it really made my day that you liked my pictures. Thank you so much. :)


  7. If only we needn't wake from those sweet, starlit dreams.
    Beautiful, beautiful words. Written so tangibly, one could reach out and touch them like ivy leaves

  8. oh beautiful photos and words

  9. dearest charmayne,
    i honestly cannot apologise enough for being such a terrible pen-pal friend & such an awful blogger! do not worry, for i have not forgotten to write back; i've simply been struggling to deal with the loss of a beloved best friend and all of life's other adversities! in a few weeks, i think everything will be a little better :) i do hope we [i] can finally begin to write letters to each other [you], properly! i have dearly missed visiting your insanely beautiful blog :) how wonderful it all sounds, releasing joy admist summer rain! i simply cannot wait for summer :)
    all my love, i hope you are well!
    take care <3

  10. "I ran to the hills
    and sang till my lungs ached"

    this reminds me of my favorite scene from "where the wild things are", when they reach a cliff and start howling. ever wanted to do that? it´s one of my dreams! *.*


  11. Beautiful, hazy photography; And the words only compliment their dream-like quality.

  12. Dearest, dearest Char.
    You are so dear to me, and your words are always so, so poetic. Very much like Keats.
    I will be writing back to you very soon, lovely one. xxxx

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  14. such a beautiful and dreamy post..


i hold each note from you
like glitter in my palms ♥