Sunday, 14 November 2010

dog days of summer

gathering peaches like velvet. juice drips down my chin and makes my fingers sticky
i wake up early. the sun warms my sheets, the aroma of pancakes drifting in from the kitchen
reading books with thick brown-paper pages
chlorine pool-water is in my hair, soaked in my skin. cold showers. sea-foam.
the drowzy hum of crickets in the withering grass.
cold chicken and white lace dresses.
my skin turns brown as nutshells. i sleep in my undies, the fan whirling above me in the moonlight.
incense smoke, like thick cinnamon and dried-petals, curls and hangs in the air.


summer is finally here!
mum and i bought the first bottle of iced tea yesterday, so now it is official, huzzah.
what are your plans for summer? (or is it winter where you are? if so, what are your plans for winter?)


photography by marc bordons


  1. sugar-sweet and lovely, dear. x

  2. Ooh lucky you, Char! It's winter where I am, although the weather doesn't quite feel like it yet. I agree; iced tea is the most refreshing and delicious mark of summertime! Enjoy your sweet summer moments, dear! :)

  3. Its winter here, but your post made me long for summer to come back!
    I do enjoy a good winter walk though, when its not too cold out xox
    Casie Jean

  4. Thank you for the comment dear! I am so sorry that it never got to you. I wrote you a long long letter and sent a magazine! But I will write another one as soon as I can. It will be the christmas one, of course. So please, await the big envelope once again!
    I love how you speak of summer- here everything is covered in a thick layer of snow, and it's so cold that today I am pulling out my big furry boots for the first time! :)

    all my love!

    ps I miss our chats too, don't send anything yet, I will be sending another letter with something for christmas tomorrow.

  5. Lovely words, they really sum up a dreamy summer. Lucky you to be in summer, it's very very chilly here in London! I am planning on wrapping up as warm as possible with jumpers and cardies and knits of all sorts, and drink lots of hot tea! (enjoy your iced version) :) x

  6. Winter I'm afraid. Lovely post, I can almost smell the chlorine and peaches!

    Plans? Might be going shopping with my mom for my birthday, but other than that I'm not sure.

  7. beautiful words, darling <3
    it´s autumn here and it´s soooo cold! yesterday it snowed a little bit :)
    enjoy your summer, dear! and have a wonderful week!

  8. I drop by every now and then and your blog is always filled with the prettiest words.

    As winter's edging its way in, this post makes me miss summer quite a bit... But that isn't much too fuss over, as I love winter just as much as I love summer. I plan to drink lots of hot chocolate and tea and coffee this season, bake warm things, bundle up in cozy blankets, wear knitted sweaters and patterned socks, slide down hills of snow if the snow comes this year, read Harry Potter another time, and spend cozy evenings with my family watching good movies and being warmed up by the fireplace.

    I hope you have just as lovely a summer as I did!

  9. Oh my word, Char, it sounds like bliss. It's like I am there, living it all myself. It is Winter here, but words like yours make me feel warm and honey-hearted. Beautiful, beautiful. ♥

  10. Oh my dear Char. I'm so sorry, so so sorry. You have every right to hate me, I have been the most unreliable and irresponsible pen friend. Please, please don't think I have abandoned you. I would never do so. The ghosts have come out you see and clouded everything, things are hard and I don't know why. I got your package last week and it made me cry. I can't describe how it made me feel. I don't deserve a friend like you, you are truly the most beautiful thing I have ever met (in my mind we are old acquaintances from a clouded memory of a life once lived so beautifully). Thank you, so so much, you little angel.
    I am writing your letter, and making you a special little parcel. I'm trying to make a few things myself, as I'm a bit short of pennies - I hope this is okay. I shall pour my heart into it because you deserve every drop of love.
    I'm sorry I haven't replied to your email, something about email is just making my mind freeze, I can't deal with it at the minute. Your photo's looked brilliant and I'm sure you were all amazing. (You are a rather lovely looking band I must add! Haha)
    This post is beautiful, I've missed your posts. You always write with such beauty. Your summer sounds like a dream. Winter here is harsh, today it was like a blizzard. I'm scared to let the poor cat out incase she sinks. Tomorrow I am taking pretty photographs and making pancakes and writing letters (I promise) and then homework and revision.
    I'm sorry this post is so long and waffley. Please know that I love you very much you beautiful little fawn, and I apologise for being such a terrible friend. xxxxxxxxxx

  11. hello there:) the feeling of summer has been fluctuating where i live- hopefully it will get a bit warmer. these pictures are really lovely, so is your writing.

  12. Char, Dear Char; I am sending off your letter today. It's been so long, Dear, too long. Summer is here; such a glorious Summer, too :) You are so Dear to me, and please never forget that. I was feeling rather overwhelmed this month, and re-reading old letters made me smile, and remember this longing to live and live and live. Thank you, always.

  13. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

    this summer is going to be amazing.

  14. Lovely Char. You have been greatly missed. You and your blog are beautiful. I love how lovely you are.
    I'm doing well. Actually, I don't know how I'm doing. My heart keeps playing with my head. It's unfair.
    How are you doing?
    I love you.


  15. Char, char, char! How I've missed you, I cannot pardon myself enough for being such a horrid being, a terrible pen-friend! You, dearest, and your blog warm the cavities of my heart :) I wish you the happiest of sweet summer days, you shall receive a letter before Christmas, finally! :) Much love <3

  16. Sums up summer perfectly. Have a wonderful holiday!

    xx Carina

  17. Hi dear, I would like to wish you a very merry christmas. I hope that you are well and I can't wait to hear from you in the mail. I miss your words. I hope that you got the christmas card I sent you.


  18. oh your blog is very beautiful, I'll follow you !

  19. Your blog is inspiring. I'm definitely following you.


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