Thursday, 26 August 2010

windy fields of memory

the moon flowered on our minds, lacing thoughts like threads.
we tried to write them down with our fingertips, but they faded like yellow pennies. we buried them, but they powdered to dust. we snatched at them in the air, but they flew away, like fragile pastry birds. we claimed them as our own, but their name was already written on another's brow.
but still, we tried.
and there was one thought we caught. one, we wrote. one that we buried, and wore like a star on our foreheads.
and that thought made another's heart leap like a deer.
your thoughts are precious. don't ever give up on them


  1. thoughts are precious.
    as are you.

  2. I loved your words...especially 'and there was one thought we caught. one, we wrote'...'
    And of course the images are lovely, as always.

  3. This post just agrees with my mood today.. And I got your letter, the lovelest thing possible, the reply will be on the way this weekend. I'm very happy we're writing to each other :)


  4. hello charlotte, dear! i am so very, very sorry i haven't had the chance to get back to you! school is seriously driving me crazy. . . would you be able to wait another two weeks (when school holidays begin) for me to send my first letter?! i am truly very sorry! what a beautiful post, though :) i love the washed out lighting of these photos, and i do adore fairy lights! enjoy the weekend, take care ♥

  5. ps. you have such a wonderful writing style, you can always craft the most beautiful lines! if only i could write like you! :)

  6. thank you for the comment dear,
    your blog is charming!great pics!


  7. This is my favourite piece of writing of yours, ever.
    It is beyond beautiful. I cannot tell you how truly perfect this is. You are the most wonderful writer, every word from you is so precious, it makes my heart sing.
    'your thoughts are precious. don't ever give up on them ♥' I needed to hear this. So thank you. Thank you.
    The photographs are beautiful, the fourth one is like me sitting on my roof like I told you in my letter (only I cling onto the window frame too). You always post inspirational pictures; the sort that make me want to live.
    It is half two in the morning now, so I must close this comment... sorry it has been such an essay.
    I'm so overjoyed to know you Char xx

  8. you are seriously talented girl. Don't give up on that!

  9. great pics!!I love your style.

  10. Lovely post, both the words and the pictures <3

  11. you have a wonderful writing style dear, so beautiful! x
    p.s.i shall post the letter soon, i've just been very busy so my apologies!

  12. Lovely words and images-

    Nice to 'meet' you-

  13. ahh, the link written in pink is perfect! it's all lovely though. trying is the important thing (:


  14. I love your writing.
    And you always pick the best photos.
    Have a great weekend.


  15. That's really beautiful, what you said
    and I adoore the first picture
    your entire blog actually, it's full with pictures that are so beautiful! :)

  16. You perfectly captured the elusiveness of thoughts - how fleeting they are! Beautiful post.

  17. you are such a beautiful writer! i love the pictures you chose to go with it as well. keep the amazing posts coming!

    xo K


  18. beautiful :)


  19. Beautiful! Such an evoking poem. Very vulnerable and touching.

  20. Char ♥ You write so wonderfully, as usual;
    I have read this several times, and each makes me appreciate words more than the last.
    Fragile birds; are we anything but that?
    Tiny bones and feathered hearts, we'll fly someday soon.
    Love, A. xxx

    p.s. I do hope my letter has reached you - I sent it Thursday last, and it should be at your letterbox soon :)

  21. ooh laa laa!
    your blog makes my insides happy!
    the pretty pictures are so grand!
    how splendid indeed! x x

  22. This is so poetic and beautiful.. and such exquisite pictures.. oh Char, I cannot even express how wonderful your writing is. xx

  23. You always find a way to write the most astounding and profound posts. I love hearing your thoughts; they are beautiful, emotional, and powerful in every single way. Thank you so much for sharing with us; your readers love you for it.


  24. Tehse words... are they your own? Amazing, truely gorgeous indeed. The pictures just emphasize it all. Thanks for chekcing my blog, I am now a follower of yours <3


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