Wednesday, 21 July 2010

one day i will live, and it will be fabulous

deeds to do before i die...

get a tattoo of a swallow on my ankle

write a novel about truth, beauty and love

board with my friend gen in a little wallpapered house, stuffed with threadbare couches, scented with incense, and filled with the crackly sound of old records

drink ten times my weight in tea

change someone's life irrevocably

become a vegetarian

cut my hair like audrey hepburn's in roman holiday, or maybe dye it red as flames

dance on a sheet of bubble-wrap in the middle of the city

travel to iceland... (I'm not sure why, but it's always sounded very beautiful)


what is a deed you would like to do before you die? i'd love to know... :)

photography by nikolay leshkin


  1. love, love ,love.
    what a beautiful list.

    my deed would have to be - make a change.
    this could be big or it could be small, just something i am proud of.

    Pearl xo

  2. ooo mine is to buy a house and fill it with my family- that's my dream!

  3. Sv: Thank you! :) Yes I have the title of my blog from Lykke Li. <3

    What a lovely list. Before I die I want to have lived in both Japan and New York, and I also want to write at least one book.

  4. oh my gosh, we are so alike [in a good way, of course]! i'm so desperate to get a sparrow/swallow tattoo, although i'm terrified of the pain! i love to read & it'd be magical if i could write my own book :) yes, i'd like to live before i die! i adore tea, and oh, you must be brave, cutting off all your hair like audrey! roman holiday was so lovely, i adore black & white movies! and gosh, "drink ten times my weight in tea" i think i've already done that by now :) red hair is amazing, i would love to do that, although i don't think it would go down too well - i'm asian, after all ♥

  5. Lovely list, I've never made one of these on papers, simply keep one mentally, but I suppose a must forget a number of things that way.

    Belated thanks for your sweet comment! ♥


  6. Nice list. :)
    I have a HUUGGGEEE list of things I want to do.
    #1. Skydive.


  7. I like your list very much. I used to be a vegetarian, and I plan on becoming one one day in future again (I eat chicken now)...and I've probably already drank 10X my weight in tea (I drink several cups of sencha a day)...
    I want to have a lovely place of my own (I mean really mine, not owned by a bank, these things matter to me)...with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and books to fill them, a kitchen that is cozy and functional, and a peace of peace and warmth...

  8. Thank you very much for your comment!! This is a really nice list,I agrre with some of them! :)
    Nice post!!

  9. this list is so sweet and endlessly inspiring.

    i'd love to travel the world before i die...twice! ;)

    follow each other? =)


  10. Aw, really lovely list, i think i should make one too! The house you want to live in sounds perfect, something like that will be on my list too :)
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments too, i always appreciate it!

  11. What a wonderful list!

    I hope to see the aurora in my lifetime! And I hope to visit Paris again!! And I hope to write plenty of songs and poems too:)


  12. Hello lovely girl:)

    Thanks for ur prev comment in my post (I am sure you forgot about it since it was like 2 weeks ago!)

    My deed would be to discover something that could make human healthier without endangering the other creatures and to be a writer:)

    And to be someone who could give a scholarship to others:)

  13. to realize my true power

    excellent post.

  14. I love your list.
    ~Travel round the world.
    ~Stay in love.

    Have a wonderful day.


  15. You are just too adorable for words! I love your list, and your comment on my page made me smile. ;) Hmm. I would like to climb a tree, and build my own treehouse one day. Wouldn't that be grand?


  16. Char, this list is awesome! I'd love to travel the world and change something big:) I think you already knew that though!!

  17. Good goals i love the novel one very "moulin rouge" and well my moms a vegetarian and well my opinion is no matter what she says there's no way tofu tastes like chicken!!! but all in all it's a pretty good bucket list!!!

  18. this is amazing. I would go to India instead of Iceland. There is so much to be done there.

  19. love this list - very inspiring!

    i have a list of 101 things i want to do in 1001 days... i feel so accomplished every time i cross something off :)

    check it out here

    thanks for the inspiration! KEL xx

  20. You are so so lovely Char. I can say nothing more. You inspire me x

  21. i also wanted to dye my hair red and become a veggie, so I did not so long ago :) x


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